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  • About Us

  • What’s the one thing that can trip all first time home buyers up at the first hurdle? The confusion associated with applying for a mortgage of course! There are dozens of banks in Australia, not to mention a range of third party lenders – and although most of them will strive to keep their services as transparent as possible; there’s no denying that things can get a little confusing.

    At First House Loan Broker, we consider ourselves the bridge to simplicity, so much so that our clients come to us to minimise their stress, help them to find the cheapest rates and reap the rewards of an affordable mortgage. How do we do this you ask? With a dedicated team of expert mortgage brokers of course!

    Why Choose Us?

    Now, we have an idea of what you’re thinking… “FHLB, why on earth would we go with you when we have hundreds of choices online?”

    Sure, you could go with any old brokering agency and hope for the best, but when choosing our services, we guarantee the highest quality of results at the most affordable rates.

    We’re talking world-class, premium services that put you first every step of the way. Sure, others might promise the same, but how many of them are dedicated to first time home buyers in specific? We’ve done the research, we’ve handled the comparisons and we’ve minimised the effort that our clients have to put in – so the only thing that you’ll need to do when getting in touch with us is sit back and relax.

    How’s Best to Get in Touch?

    How would you like a quick chat with one of our experts? What if you prefer to keep your voice out of things and have a chat via email? Whichever method you prefer, we offer several ways to reach us – and once we hear from you, we’ll do everything that we can to answer your enquiries and take care of your needs.

    Give us a call, send us an email, or write us a letter; in fact even if you want to go old school and fax us, our mortgage brokers will do everything that they can to help you with your first time application, so what have you got to lose?